Design & technical resources

We recommend the following design and technical resources:

Free resources for developing a public-facing COVID-19 website

Public-facing COVID-19 infections dashboards

- Tableau COVID-19 Viz Gallery - A curation of the those impactful data visualizations about Coronavirus (COVID-19) - from an enterprise tech company - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Global Cases - Johns Hopkins provides an embeddable dashboard of coronavirus cases around the world. - Instructions for embedding it - Eagle County Community COVID-19 Monitoring - Eagle County provides an example of a great local dashboard that is publicly available. They also provide instructions for how to create one for your own state/ locality.

Image & illustration assets (all resources listed here are safe for free use)


Testing & self-assessment tools

- Apple’s self assessment tool developed with the CDC, White House, and FEMA

Infection tracking/ tracing

Building your website

- Design system from - component and layout library used by official U.S. government websites - Link to the mockup referenced in this document - feel free to copy and use any aspect of this template based on your needs

FAQs library

- Ask A Scientist - This Q+A tool is for general scientific questions about COVID-19. Developed by the Federation of American Scientists in collaboration with the New Jersey Office of Innovation and the Governance Lab at New York University.

Other resources to for your COVID-19 response

  • NY Times articles on Coronavirus - The NYTimes provides a free coronavirus information portal, which contains lots of content and an e-book. Their FAQs section is fantastic.

  • Pandemic Response Repository - A collection of open source digital resources to help governments respond to the Coronavirus from New America. Lots of sample projects + code references that you can take to repurpose.

Listing of U.S. state/ local COVID-19 websites

California, NYC, and New Jersey all have excellent COVID-19 websites in terms of website usability, ease of finding key information, and simplicity.

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