Where do I publish COVID-19 information?

Guidance for federal agencies from digital.gov suggests to stand up an agency.gov/coronavirus page. For states and localities, it should be something like sanantonio.gov/coronavirus in accordance with this structure.

All information about coronavirus from your agency should be housed on this page so that your public has one single source of truth to access. This page should communicate information that is specific to your state/ locality, like announcements about Stay At Home orders or state/ locality-specific resources. For all other information, it should link to authoritative information from other government agencies. Digital.gov advises to not copy-paste information from other sites, and to prominently link to information instead. Guidance on what information to put on your coronavirus site is here.

Once you have this page, you should link to it from your main website, as this is one of the most important resources that the public should be made aware of. The State of California is a great example of this. On the homepage of their main website, ca.gov, a banner at the top lets visitors know that there is a Coronavirus response site. This makes it easy for anyone who visits their website to be able to go straight to COVID-19 info.

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