Additional considerations

Additional considerations include incorporating cities with websites, using the CDC coronavirus logo, and obtaining feedback from constituents. See the following for details:

  • Logos & Images

    • advises to use the CDC’s coronavirus logo to provide visual continuity among all government sites about coronavirus. Do not create any separate logos for the time being.

    • Using open-source images and other visual assets can make it easier for users to quickly read and understand your coronavirus website information. The [Design & Technical Resources section] of this doc lists some of them for your use.

  • Getting feedback from your constituents - Constituent feedback is very important. Make sure your website is providing useful information that your constituents need. This will help you understand what additional information you need to publish, as well as what design or feature changes you need to make to your website. We recommend adding a “Submit feedback about this site” link to a Google Form with the following questions:

    • Did you find the information that you needed? Y/N

      • What were you looking for?

    • On a scale of 1-10, how easy was it to find information on this site?

    • What could be improved about this site?

    • Can we reach out to you for additional feedback? If yes, then please provide your email address.

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